Hello and a great big welcome to WiGGi -Want it Go Get it.

To get a good feel for what we do here,  I want you to imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you;

Never doubted your choices or, worse, regretted your choices but instead had complete confidence in what you were doing- work, friends, boyfriends, the lot!

Never had to do a crazy exercises or diet regimes again as you found it easy and effortless to get in the best shape of your life.

Felt genuine confidence and strength within yourself that made you feel like you can do and achieve anything.

 My guess is that with this, you would very quickly fall in love with your life and stop wishing or comparing it to someone else’s. INSTEAD – people would start wishing or comparing their life to yours.


Once you’ve done that, come and explore my signature adventures below so you can discover the other incredible things we do here too!

This program is exceptional and unique.
Jodie helped me focus on my core values and worked out the solution to problems on a much deeper level and in doing so, inspired me to live with inner confidence in life and all manner of relationships be it romantic, friendship or professional.

Personally for me, even though I peruse a life I want, my lack of self confidence and self esteem issues from the past, quite often try to sabotage the one I have created. Jodie helped to discover the reasons ‘why’ these feeling surface, ‘when’ the feelings appear and ‘how’ I can address them to live a more positively in every direction of my life.

I love these adventures as their fundamental mission is to work on the most important relationship we will ever have. The relationship with ourselves.

This program is great it helped me discover my inner strength, gain personal confidence to be myself and helped in all aspects of my life.
I’ve been through significant personal pain through different breakdowns both personally and professionally. Jodie was excellent for me during my search for self worth and for rediscovering myself. I enrolled on this adventure due to its unique and forward thinking concepts of focusing on women’s self-awareness and empowerment.

This programs unique offering is in the focus is on me yet it provides a wonderful community of women who can draw on each other’s experiences. It gave me a safe and comfortable environment to open up as much or as little as I wanted.


Hello I’m Jodie, the very proud founder of WiGGi -Want it go get it.

I genuinely feel (and have now made it my mission), I was placed on this planet to show YOU how to get in the best shape of your life. WHY? So you can confidently get out there and get everything you want!!  Yep, you know that thing you wish you had? I have a way for you to get it. 

This is why I’m so passionate about what I do? You show me a woman who genuinely feels incredible about herself,  is surrounded by an amazing group of supportive friends, who is not confident enough to get out there and get what she wants?

The truth, you wont find one. When you feel this way about yourself + have your own tribe of cheerleaders, you can achieve and will make anything happen and this is what I’m determined to show you how to do.

Feeling this way is incredible and it’s how I feel about myself everyday (well most days, I am human after all). Because it didn’t happen overnight (well not for me anyway)! It’s given me time to research, explore + experience how you get to a place like this!!  

I’m now proud to say from all the tears and triumphs I’ve experienced along the way, I’ve now become a bit of a master. Seriously, I could recite this stuff in my sleep, and to be honest I think I actually do.

The Best Bit from all this hard work and research I’ve created 3 incredible adventures, that give you simple easy to use shortcuts, so you can do the same! (hallelujah!!) Now you’ve got to get excited about that!

If you want to find out more about me, how I made this happen + learn more about my tribe of cheerleaders (who are the reason WiGGi exists today) CLICK HERE.

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Jodie has a super exuberant personality; she is fun, super excited (all of the time). BUT most of all she always stays true to herself!
Her deepest desire and wants for others are to be the best you can be and go after want you truly want! (No excuses)
She is motivating, inspiring and she always knows what it is you need.
She is magnificent in what she does and she really does stand for WiGGi!!