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Ever find yourself at a loss on the weekend? Want to go out, have fun, try new experiences but don’t have (the perfect friend) any one to call and do it with?

Well isn’t it lucky that you just happen to stumble on our website as all of that is about to change!

Allow me to personally welcome you to The Friendship Adventure: the place to be to create a fun, thriving and fulfilling social life and easily make new friends like you’re back in high school/university again (minus all the younger self drama of course).

We have an amazing active community with over 3800 of the nicest women in Sydney you could hope to meet.

Our events are fun, relaxed and in different locations across Sydney (for the time being). We organise a range of different activities allowing you to meet women who are like-minded, live near you and have similar interests to you. We do this so you can create deeper connections, fulfilling friendships and a thriving social life of your very your own.

So if you’re ready to meet some incredible women and finally have a fun and thriving social life, register below for an exclusive invite to our next event + full details on what to expect when you attend.

I cant wait to meet you!

Your friend, Jodie 

Along with organising events for you to meet people, There are two adventures I’ve created I want to invite you on  that will assist you greatly in creating a fun and thriving social life surrounded by the most incredible friends you can imagine.

Becoming your Own Best Friend

The Ultimate Friendship Adventure

This program is exceptional and unique.
Jodie helped me focus on my core values and worked out the solution to problems on a much deeper level and in doing so, inspired me to live with inner confidence in life and all manner of relationships be it romantic, friendship or professional.

Personally for me, even though I peruse a life I want, my lack of self confidence and self esteem issues from the past, quite often try to sabotage the one I have created. Jodie helped to discover the reasons ‘why’ these feeling surface, ‘when’ the feelings appear and ‘how’ I can address them to live a more positively in every direction of my life.

I love these adventures as their fundamental mission is to work on the most important relationship we will ever have. The relationship with ourselves.

This program is great it helped me discover my inner strength, gain personal confidence to be myself and helped in all aspects of my life.
I’ve been through significant personal pain through different breakdowns both personally and professionally. Jodie was excellent for me during my search for self worth and for rediscovering myself. I enrolled on this adventure due to its unique and forward thinking concepts of focusing on women’s self-awareness and empowerment.

This programs unique offering is in the focus is on me yet it provides a wonderful community of women who can draw on each other’s experiences. It gave me a safe and comfortable environment to open up as much or as little as I wanted.


Hello I’m Jodie, the very proud founder of The Friendship Adventure

I genuinely feel (and have now made it my mission), I was placed on this planet to show YOU how to create your very own fun and thriving social life filled with the most amazing friends who will love, support, and will always be there for you!

What’s life all about if you don’t have incredible friends to share it with!

I know you want to have people in your life that encourage you, pick you up when you’re down, laugh with you, cry with you, love you but most of all I also know that you want to feel like you belong and that someone always has your back.

Do you want friends like this?

Of course you do, it’s what we all want and this is why I’m so passionate about what I do!

When you genuinely feel incredible about yourself and are surrounded by an amazing group of supportive friends, your whole life changes. Your confidence grows, you’re happy, excited about life, look forward to the future and feel like no matter what life throws at you, you wont only get through it but you can thrive.

Feeling this way is incredible and it’s how I feel about myself and my life everyday. BUT I didn’t always feel this way. For a period in my life I had no friends and I was alone. At another time, I had loads of friends BUT, felt alone; lost and like no one really got me!

Neither of those times were fun BUT, from all tears and triumphs I’ve experienced along the way, plus the 10+ years I’ve invested understanding, experiencing, researching and gaining qualifications, I’m now a bit of a master of all things friendship. And I LOVE IT! And need to share this… (Seriously my friends know I can speak about this in my sleep!).

The Best Bit… because of all this hard work I now have a thriving community with of over 3800 women (in Sydney). Great women and great potential friends. I know you can find your friends amongst these great women and I know, just like you, they are there to meet new people, try new things, find like-minded friends and are already keen to meet up and hang out with you.

I’ve also created 2 incredible adventures, designed to provide you with simple, easy to use tools and tips that really work, show you how to feel amazing, feel happy and confident within yourself AND how to build incredible friendships with the women you will meet along the way.

When I think about those times that I was lost and isolated there’s only one word that sums up what I think of this program- hallelujah!!

If you want to find out more about me, how I made this happen + meet the amazing women I get to call my friends CLICK HERE.

But better yet, let’s keep it all about YOU and come join us when we all hang out next by registering below.

Remember to follow me on Social Media where you can see what we’re all up to and get hints and tips on all things Friendship!

Jodie has a super exuberant personality; she is fun, super excited (all of the time). BUT most of all she always stays true to herself!
Her deepest desire and wants for others are to be the best you can be and go after want you truly want! (No excuses)
She is motivating, inspiring and she always knows what it is you need.
She is magnificent in what she does and she really does stand for everything The Friendship Adventure creates!