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Hello and welcome to where the magic happens!

My mission and intention for creating these online adventures is to get you to a place where you shine, sparkle, glow and radiate. Not only so people/friends, new or old, will come up to you and say “OMG you look incredible”, but you genuinely feel this incredible within and about yourself too! (how amazing would that be, just sayin)

From all my years of research, expereince, tears and triumphs. I discovered there are 3 types of people that will either keep you stuck where you are or help you skyrocket to this place faster than a shooting star!

These people are:

 Yourself (surprise!!)

Your friends + the people you surround yourself with (acquaintances)

Your partner/boyfriend  (which let’s face it, can get the best of us down at times)

So what I’ve done is create 3 incredible adventures  so you know how to be amazing and happy in all of them (your welcome, just think of me as your fairy godmother, actually I’m not that old lets just call me your fairy god-sister!!).


This is the only one of my adventures I offer most frequently, and this is for a very good reason!

This adventure is the most crucial, rewarding and life-changing adventure you will ever embark upon. Because, in this adventure you will discover;

  • Who you are, who you’re not (so enlightening), how you operate, why you do the things you do and why you don’t do the things you really want to do. (goodbye old you, hello true, confident, happy you!)
  • How to genuinely become the happiest person you know + skyrocket your confidence and belief in yourself to heights you never thought possible! (that’s right were reaching for the stars)
  • How to know with complete certainty what the right choices are for you in everything; work, boyfriends, friends even healthy eating + exercise.
  • How to walk away and let go of things that are not right for you, AND the best part! How to do this confidently, even when it doesn’t make logical sense. ( I know, priceless)

Just imagine how you are going to feel and the things you can achieve, when you can do all this effortlessly?

If you’re not sure, let me enlighten you….

You my lovely, are going to unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with AND when you get the other goodies (I haven’t even mentioned yet), getting everything you want + genuinely feeling good about yourself is going to be, quite frankly, a piece of cake!

BUT, I’ve left the best bit to last!!

You can get INSTANT ACCESS to this adventure right now!! That’s right, you found me at just the right time (it must be fate) because enrolments are currently open!! They wont be open for long, so get yourself registered by clicking that button below, so you can be part of my inner circle today. It would be an absolute pleasure to have you!

I highly recommend taking a trip on Jodie’s journey to becoming ‘Your own best friend’. I’ve learn’t a lot about how I can make myself a better person, what that truly means and how to do it. Every girl should take this course, it would make a difference to the world.
Sam - Adventure One

FRIENDSHIP – Your peeps, tribe, squad and cheerleaders!

Friendship is one of the most overlooked relationships and sometimes undervalued relationships we have in our life (besides yourself, but we’ve already covered that). I’m on a mission to change that BECAUSE, this is actually  the secret to deep fulfilling happiness AND its the place where the most magical things will happen for you.

My best friend summed this up perfectly in a recent conversation we had. She said to me “I want my boyfriend in my life, BUT I need you in my life “. Yes I nearly cried as it was the most amazing thing anyone ever told me, BUT it is so TRUE!

Your Friends and I mean the FREAKING AMAZING ONES will;

  • See you, believe in you and know you, long before you see, believe and know yourself. Which means they are experts in knowing how amazing you are! The BEST PART, they only want you to see and feel about yourself the way they see and feel about YOU. (Aren’t they just the best!)
  • Give you a royal kick up the ass and a bit of tough love when you need it most. (which at times is hard to hear but is always so helpful)
  • Show you + teach you, how to be amazing and your complete self in all your other relationships, but mostly your romantic ones (I bet you weren’t expecting that and I cant wait to share with you HOW).

My mission and intention for creating this adventure (which is the adventure i am most proud of, its my work of art) is to show you TWO things:

  1. How to find your own tribe, squad or cheerleaders (if you don’t have them yet, which is fine and completely normal BTW).
  2. Create these types of friendships with the friends you already have + know if they are the right ones to invest in.

So, by the end of  this adventure you will know how to surround yourself and keep yourself surrounded with these types of FREAKING AMAZING friends + have the secret to a life of deep fulfilling happiness and magic!



Details on this epic adventure are coming very soon. To be notified when they are available, enter your deets in those magic buttons below.