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I’m super excited you want to know more about me, the inner workings of by brain (how I design all my adventures), my heart (where all my good stuff comes from) and experience (where I know for certain what works)!

First things first, let me introduce myself.

Hello there, I’m Jodie Foster the very proud founder of “The Friendship Adventure” showing you how to create a fun, thriving and fulfilling social life, build a loyal group of supportive friends and most importantly how to become your own best friend in the process.

I’m so passionate about you achieving success in these areas of your life:

  1. Because I know from my experience what its like when you do and don’t have success in these areas.
  1. From my 10+ years first hand experience in the Learning and Development Industry, I know it’s these 3 areas which have the most impact on your happiness, self belief and ability to love your life!

 I have made it my mission now, for you to have your very own fun and thriving social life filled the most amazing friends imaginable. It’s my passion, but more than that, you deserve it because what’s life all about if you don’t have incredible friends to enjoy it with.

The best way to find out more about me is, to spend time with my incredibly support friends (who, to be honest, are the reason “The Friendship Adventure” exists today). They are my inspiration, motivation, strength and the secret source of my self-belief and happiness. Without them, quite frankly, I would not be who or where I am today!

I am thrilled to introduce you to Anthea, Zoe and Anne-Marie.

To find out more about these amazing women, click on their images below.

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Hear from Anthea
Hear from Zoe

Hear from Anne-Marie

When I’m not spending time with these amazing ladies. I’m trying to make healthy treats and testing them out on un-suspecting people.  I’m obsessed with how yummy they are and also amazed they are good for you!

My favourite way to exercise is to roller skate, not roller blade, old school roller skates. No, I’m not very good, yes I wear knee pads, elbow pads and look like a complete dork. But I love it.

Twice in my life I’ve been billy no mates. Yep nada, nothing, zip, no friends at all. Once when I moved to England (where I lived for 7 years) and again when I moved back home to Australia (to a completely different state). So starting over from scratch, is something I’m all too familiar with.

I love, love, love travelling. I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with “real life” gorillas in Africa, be a guest of honour at a balinese wedding and meet some incredible people along the way, who have touched my heart and inspired me. Who, I promise to tell you more about one day!

I’m a 98% recovered people pleaser (I am human after all). It was one of the most empowering things I’ve done in my life. Now I’m surrounded by friends I can be my complete self with. They 100% accept me and this is one of the most incredible feelings in the world.

I’m a Leo: strong, loud, proud, determined and loyal. I’m ruled by the sun (that’s what astrology tells me anyway) and this makes sense as all I have ever wanted is for the people around me to shine bright- I hope this is you!

The best way to get to know me and get a feel for what I have to share, is to get my free video series . You can get instant access by entering your deets in those magic boxes below.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope to see you again soon.