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What Others Say

WIGGI has a unique offering in that the focus is on each individual yet provides a wonderful community of women who can draw on each other’s experiences. It allows women a safe and comfortable environment to open up as much or as little as they want whilst still learning. I personally attend WIGGI hangouts to continue my journey of self-knowledge whilst I navigate my way through the challenges of life, especially friendships.
Jola, WiGGi

What we do

Are you missing having those deep feelings of connection with people?

Feel like something is missing from your life?

Find yourself feeling alone, that no-one gets you, really knows you, sees you, or finding it hard to be yourself and connect with people on different levels?

Well welcome to WiGGi and get excited as this is about to change. I understand how important and challenging it is to be able to connect with people, let them see you, get to know you, show who it is, you really are.

That’s why I created a whole series of hangouts to show you how to connect with people on all different levels;

  • Friends
  • Partners
  • Work colleagues
  • Even your local hairdresser or barrister

Learning the art of connection, having the confidence to be yourself and surround yourself with the right people will change your life. I will show you how to become connected to yourself, create an unwavering belief, confidence and genuine love for yourself that you no longer;

  • Worry about what people think of you
  • Wonder if they like you or not
  • Feel you have to change to get approval or acceptance from others
  • Put other people before yourself

I will help you discover the amazing, beautiful, unique person that you are, get you to a place where you are 100% completely happy and comfortable just being you. The real you, the one you sometimes feel you have to hide from the world, but the one that people can’t wait to get to know and connect with.

Once you get here, which you will. You will become blissfully happy, deeply fulfilled, connected to yourself and able to achieve things you never thought possible. You will have people around you that give your life meaning, purpose, a feeling of acceptance, belonging and that you are not alone. Don’t you want this for yourself?

Well, what are you waiting for, come on over to our live hangout page and let us show you HOW!!!