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Hey I’m Jodie,

I’m here to help you crystal clear about what you want and get what you want by giving you simple easy to use strategies to give you the courage, confidence and bravery to go for it!

Did you know? You have a driving force within you STOPPING YOU from getting everything you want?

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Getting what you want doesn’t have to be hard!

IN FACT it’s EASY and I’ve got the secrets to make it happen !

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How to be happy
How to make Friends

How I can help!

WiGGi was born when I discovered my magical superpower (well that’s what I like to call it anyway) of helping people discover what they really want, create a clear path to get what they want and finally feel the immense and joy and happiness they always hoped they’d have when they got it! …..

So if you;

  • Ever struggle to figure out what it is you actually want?
  • Know what you want but no matter how hard you try it NEVER happens for you?
  • Get what you want, but are frustrated you’re still unhappy?

Then stick with me my lovely as together, these feelings will become a thing of the past!

Honestly, its true and I’m so proud of what I’ve created. And no wonder! Take a read for yourself .

This adventure breaks down the steps we all need to understand; how to learn more about ourselves and gain confidence to go after what we want by listening to ourselves more. I found the content very valuable and Jodie does a great job at explaining it. Her approach made me feel comfortable and the tools she shares are so easy to use and have made a huge difference to my life.

Sarah, Becoming your Own Best Friend Adventure

This adventure is excellent! I loved the part about following your heart even when it’s terrifying! This really helped me to make decisions that are right for me and feel confident in myself. I realised when I was going through this adventure that I treat other people so much better than I treat myself. Thank you for showing me how to be nicer to myself and treat myself the way I treat other people.

Felcity, Becoming your Own Best Friend Adventure

I loved this adventure, it’s excellent as it teaches you how to live more happily, grounded and how to find the answers to your questions. I’m not really confident in myself at work or with new people. I listen to my head too often BUT after learning the tools in this course, which are very easy to understand; very straightforward and very useful I have become more confident in myself. This is one of courses you MUST DO. It will be a big asset to your life and you will benefit a lot from it. 

Romana, Becoming your own Best Friend Adventure

I loved the part where you explained how to listen to ourselves to know what decision to take and to know that fear is very normal as you transition to a new life direction. It was very applicable to me since my goal is to leave my job this year and I’m figuring out the right timing. I feel so excited but have moments of fear so it helped me work through that and I’m feeling less fear now. Thank you!

Emily, Becoming your Own Best Friend Adventure

The perfect course for anyone lacking self-confidence, filled with self-doubt and needing a mindset change. This adventure really helped me with my self-confidence and helped me stop being self critical of myself. Jodie is really friendly and caring as she takes you through this in-depth course to develop your self-confidence and inner love.

Alicia, Becoming your Own Best Friend Adventure

The Best Friend Adventure helped me further understand how to listen to how I feel when I’m choosing between different options in my life. The material is easy to follow and the exercises were useful to see how it applies to my own life. This is excellent for those who want to learn how to feel more fulfilled by learning to follow their own path.

Elizabeth, Becoming your Own Best Friend Adventure

Through her two Signature Adventures (How to Become Your Own Best Friend and The Friendship Adventure) Jodie is on her mission to empower women and unleash the deep happiness that comes from living from the heart and fully embracing the life changing power that is born from deep fulfilling friendships.

As well as being living proof of what happens when you are your own best friend AND you’re surrounded by people who love and support you, Jodie has also invested 10+ years understanding, experiencing, researching and gaining qualifications to become a master. And she LOVES IT!!

Her unique, straight up, insightful, no fluff practical approach has given women the self-belief and confidence to say, “OMG, I can really get what I want. I can’t believe it was so easy!”