Discover Our 10 Part Friendship Adventure Series


The Friendship Adventure Series is a 10 part online instructional video series showing you how to create incredible friendships. Step-by-step, we’ll take you through the various stages of friendship, covering how friendships are built and maintained, and giving you useful strategies, tools and insights for flourishing friendships. Most importantly, we help you overcome any obstacles or challenges you may be faced with along the way.

 By the end of the series, you will develop the confidence skills to:

  • Have an incredible circle of supportive friends around you.
  • Know what it takes to be an awesome friend yourself.
  • Develop inner strength to deal with life’s challenges and obstacles.
  • Transfer your new confidence skills into other areas of your life.

The bonus of our Friendship Adventure Series is not only creating meaningful friendships, but you’ll automatically improve your relationships in work, in romance and with yourself!

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What you Will get out of the Adventure Series

The Stages of Friendship

Friendship Cycle

 We cover every possible outcome that occurs in the process of making, growing and strengthening friendships.

You will learn;

  • How and where to find the right friends for you.
  • How different stages of friendship work.
  • How to get comfortable with various stages of friendship.
  • Why you need certain types of friends during certain times in your life.
  • The difference between good and toxic friends
  • Why you choose certain people as friends and dismiss others.
  • How to build solid, fulfilling connections with both new and old friends.
  • Why obstacles and challenges come up in the process and how to overcome them confidently.

Insight into Yourself


Before you can build meaningful relationships with others, it’s vital to build a meaningful relationship with yourself.

You will discover;

  • Who you are, the real you – the incredible you.
  • How to become your own best friend. You are after all amazing – even if you don’t know it yet!
  • Deep insights into how you operate and how this knowledge can improve your life and decision-making.
  • How to overcome your individual challenges, and banish obstacles in the friendship-making process.
  • When you should allow let people to get close to you, and when to protect yourself from toxic friendships. .
  • The confidence to be comfortable in your own skin in every situation.
  • Why becoming and incredible friend to yourself, will attract the right friends into your life and give you all the powers to be an awesome friend to others too.

Connection and Communication


Connection and communication are key skills you need to not only for creating friendships, but all relationships in your life.

We will uncover:

  • How to connect with potential friends, and strike up new conversations.
  • How to overcome any fears or challenges
  • How to take a new friendship to the next level with a deeper connection.
  • How to be confident, and gain valuable strategies to help you when having challenging conversations.
  • How to overcome arguments with friends and maintain the friendship.
  • How to speak up and avoid confusion through lack of communication.
  • How to know when it’s time to let a friendship go and what to do.
  • How to deal with other tricky situations.
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Why it’s called an Adventure Series

Adventures are always fun and exciting as they give you opportunities to learn, grow and develop. Sure, it can be little nerve racking when you’re stepping into the unknown, so it’s normal to think things like;

  • Am I ready for an adventure?
  • Do I have the courage to begin?
  • Will I gain the knowledge I seek?
  • Am I ready to have an awesome, life-fulfilling experience?

If any of these questions rouse you, then you are ready my friend!

Like all adventures, this series will leave you feeling immensely proud of yourself, from your first steps, during and after the completion of your journey – because this adventure is different. It’s unique to you and carefully designed to ensure you have all the experiences you need to overcome any personal challenges and obstacles preventing you from living your life to your fullest potential.

The best thing about this series? You’re don’t have to do it alone.  I will be here to support you every step of the way, giving you everything you need to ensure you have the most enjoyable and rewarding adventure possible when creating incredible friendships and an incredible life!


We Embark on this Adventure Together

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We support you not only through your entire journey and adventure, but offer you lifetime access after completion. This means you can come back to the series anytime you like – especially helpful when you are faced with new life challenges like moving town, starting a new job or starting a new relationship or a family.

Enrolments into this adventure series are only open a few times each year, with the next adventure starting very soon, so make sure you get registered now and don’t miss out on the fun!

In the lead up to the start date you’ll be given access to our private Inner Circle, where you’ll have an opportunity to meet other like-minded women embarking on this adventure with you. It’s completely optional you can interact as often or as little as you’d like.

The Inner circle is a great place to find additional support, build connections, share your journey and create new friendships.

Connecting with like-minded women sharing similar challenges and obstacles as you, is so comforting. You can inspire and become inspired by sharing and hearing about the breakthroughs and successes amongst fellow Adventurers, whilst getting even more support and advice.

Like the Adventure Series, you’ll gain lifetime access to the Inner Circle once the program is completed, giving you a safe and inspiring place to return to whenever you need it.