Welcome To WiGGi!

Welcome to WiGGi and get excited as you are about to embark on an amazing adventure that will have you surrounded by some incredible women and allow you to get to a space where you know who you are and what is that you truly want.

I have designed a series of hangouts just for women. These hangouts allow you to explore what is that you really want from life while providing you with a clear map and the confidence you will need on how you can go about getting it.

Everything that we do here at WiGGi shows you how to live your life from a space where you are empowered, confident, believe in yourself, value yourself and have the awareness and all tools that you will ever need, to be able to achieve and get anything you have ever wanted.

 Wouldn’t you love that, to be able to go after anything that you have ever wanted and not have fear, worry, guilt or anxiety hold you back?

If you do then you need to come hang out with us, we will show you step by step, in a safe and secure place where you can explore this for yourself, while ensuring that your individual needs are met.

 What kind of life do you want for yourself?

  • A life where you wish you could have all you wanted, but are filled with fear, worry, lack of confidence and no idea of how to achieve it
  • Or one that has you filled with confidence, self belief and where you are so empowered you can make anything happen?

The choice as it always is in life, is completely up to you.

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How we Do it

The first step on the adventure I am going to take you on is to show you how to surround yourself with the right people. When you surround yourself with the right people, I promise you, it will change your life. Your confidence, self-worth and belief in yourself will grow, you will feel empowered and will start achieve things you never thought possible.

Now we all need different friends for different reasons, just like we need different outfits for different occasions. Just like the clothes in your wardrobe you will find that some of them you have outgrown,our out of trend or that you may need to add something new that’s better suited to who you are.

We have used this theme throughout all of our hangout series to help you learn and understand the friendship process. Take a look below at the different hangouts we do.

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What Others Say

Those who have met and worked with Jodie will attest to her uncanny way of diagnostically helping you understand what’s at the root of the problem and help guide you to the resolve that works best for who you are and how you truly feel, staying true to your values at all times.

Leigh, WiGGi
WIGGI has a unique offering in that the focus is on each individual yet provides a wonderful community of women who can draw on each other’s experiences. It allows women a safe and comfortable environment to open up as much or as little as they want whilst still learning. I personally attend WIGGI hangouts to continue my journey of self-knowledge whilst I navigate my way through the challenges of life and especially relationships.
Jola, WiGGi
WiGGi helped me to discover the reasons ‘why’ these feeling surface, ‘when’ the feelings appear and ‘how’ I can address them to live a more positively in every direction of my life. With face-to-face consultations, a full programme of personal advice and a support network from a community of like minded women looking to live the best life they can, WiGGi offers the very best service: Freedom and understanding of emotional issues that prevent women from living their best life.I use WiGGi’s services because their fundamental mission is to work on the most important relationship we will ever have. The relationship with ourselves.


Angharad, WiGGI
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